About Hoof blocks for cows

Increasing a cow's comfort level

The power of a good hoof block for cows.

Blocking helps regardless of the injury or condition to keep the cow comfortable and maintain her optimal production.

Similar to how humans use crutches to limit the use of an injured foot in order to heal, cows rely on a similar approach called blocking. This approach helps to allow abscesses, claw injuries or other conditions to heal. The hoof blocks are applied to a cow’s healthy claw to elevate the injured one off the ground. This way the injured claw will heal faster and alleviate pain. As the feet and claws support the cow’s entire body weight, it is important to use a good and durable quality hoof block. The Vettec hoof blocks are made of high end quality products and offer the needed stability and comfort.

Bovine hoofcare with Bovi-Bond hoof products
Helpfull treatment

Blocking is a helpful treatment to use when claws are overtrimmed and for any injured claw.

Blocking options

For each situation or injury there is a blocking option in wood, rubber or PU to give each cow the best treatment. 

Accelerated healing

With a block in place on a healthy claw, an affected claw has the necessary elevation and comfort to heal properly.

Keeps laminitis out

Keeping the animal’s health as a top priority, dairy farmers help ensure the productivity of the herd.

Maintain milk production

When elevating the injured claw of the ground, the cow is more comfortable. As a result the cow maintains her milk production and keeps business booming.

Durable materials

The base ingredients of all blocks are high quality and guarantee the best support and stability during the entire healing process.

Bovi-Bond application with Bovi-Bond hoof products for cows

Improve healing by choosing the right hoof block for cows.

Blocking is more than just gluing on a block. Using the right blocking option can make the difference in the healing proces. It is important for dairy farmers and hoof trimmers to consider the benefits of the blocking options for the cows they treat.

Three blocking options:

Bovi-Bond has hoof blocks for cows in wood, rubber and PU. Discover the benefits of each option:

the benefits of choosing

Wood blocks

Wood blocks provide protection and comfort at a lower cost. Wood reacts well to bonding adhesives due to its rough surface and can last anywhere from three-to-four weeks. The blocks eventually fall off claws naturally, eliminating the need for hoof trimmers to go back to each cow to remove them.

the benefits of choosing

Rubber blocks

Rubber blocks provide traction and comfort for wet and slippery surfaces. These blocks are made out of a durable compound with a unique surface pattern and deliver the extra cushion needed for a cow to feel at ease during the healing process. The rubber blocks are durable and usually require a hoof care professional to remove them once the injury heals.

the benefits of choosing

PU blocks

The PU blocks are made of polyurethane, a highly abrasion-resistant material. These blocks are hardwearing, with excellent grip. Improves the animal walking welfare and offers more grip and comfort than other wooden or rubber blocks.

How to Bovi-Bond it with

The Hoof GP

Discover Bovi-Bond tips & tricks with The Hoof GP. Graeme Parker gives more information on how to functionally trim cow feet.

"Great results require consistently great glue, I use Bovi-Bond from Vettec because my customers and me need a glue both us and our cows can rely on!"

Graeme Parker, "The Hoof GP", Professional Cattle Hoof Trimmer, working with over 16,000 head of cattle per year.


How to Bovi-Bond it step-by-step?

The good thing is that is takes only a few easy steps to apply a hoof block. The application is strong and quick-bonding and there is no need to mix the adhesive.

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