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Bovi-Bond, the original Vettec hoof product.

More than 20 years, Vettec offers a professional line of hoof products worldwide. Vettec offers a variety of hoof products developed to offer the best care for each individual animal. This way the hoof care professional has an all-in-one solution to complete the needed treatment. The Vettec products are reliable and easy to use. Vettec was the first to develop these hoof products and is known to be the A-brand in the market.

Bovi-Bond hoofblock adhesive
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A brand by Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory.

Designed to make a difference

Royal Kerckhaert is the largest independent manufacturer of horseshoes, nails and hoof care tools. Four generations of the Kerckhaert family have combined practical experience with advanced technology since 1906. As a result all developments and innovations meet the specific requirements in the market. The Kerckhaert products are considered world leaders in the market.
Since December 2020 Royal Kerckhaert is the new owner of the entire Vettec product line. With the Bovi-Bond hoof products Kerckhaert offers an all-in-one solution in bovine hoof care.

"We are very proud of the entire Vettec® product line in the Kerckhaert Family. Vettec® is the original product, often copied, but Vettec’s quality has never been matched by any other product."

Martin Kerckhaert - Director Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory.

Bovi-Bond application with Bovi-Bond hoof products for cows
Bovine hoofcare with Bovi-Bond hoof products


BOVI-BOND ADHESIVE - The two component adhesive is a ready-to-use adhesive and packaged in a 210cc industry standard cartridge. The easy twist off cap needs no tools to open. Bovi-Bond is an easy and fast setting urethane adhesive. It is used to glue wood, rubber or PU blocks to bovine claws.


BOVI-BOND BLOCKS - Bovi-Bond offers three blocking options. For each treatment Bovi-Bond has a blocking option in wood, rubber or PU. Blocking helps make cows more comfortable and allows them to recover quickly.


VETTEC AND DIAMOND TOOLS - The wide range of good tools and accessoires offer hoofcare professionals the needed materials to work with ease and comfort.

Bovi-Bond hoof products

Increase cow comfort

Effective and fast gluing of blocks to bovine claws

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